Civil Union Western Cape

The following are all of the documents that are needed for a Civil Union Marriage 


Copies of both Parties ID documents (passport if a foreigner)

Copies of the ID documents of your 2 witnesses (passport if a foreigner)

If a Foreigner a copy of the page in your passport which shows that you are legally in the country (visa)

If divorced, copies of final order of divorce in each case.

A certificate of NO Impediment is also required by law, if you are a foreigner, this is a document from the foreign party to the marriage's Home office / City Hall / Home Affairs which clearly states in English that the person who wants to be married is not currently married or is divorce. After obtaining that document, the foreign party must have the document apostatized (Apostille) by taking the document to a notary, who will then Notarize the document, and then approaching the department in his or her country that deals with and provides the Apostille service. Once the document has been Notarized and Apostatized, the document must then be taken to the South African Embassy or High Commission in that country for verification. If any of these steps are skipped then the marriage / civil union will not be registered legally. 

4 ID photos of each of the parties that are getting married


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